World Wide VIP
Enjoy your life, we do the rest.

Time is the most precious and only thing that money can't buy. At least we have the right to plan our time and determine it's application. No matter what you decide - we support your precious time by providing the right conditions twenty four hours a day.

Our strict invite only policy for new customers of our services gives you the quality, mobility and flexibility you demand - every client of World Wide VIP is our highest priority - quality over quantity, our rule #1.

What is World Wide VIP?


World Wide VIP is a company located in Germany offering a wide spetrum of individual services for a selected group of people. We are the pioneers of a new kind of VIP service agency operating worldwide.

We keep care from the learjet up to the pin - you determine merely the circumference.

Your personal contact is during your whole trip availible and provides all things necessary for the perfect run off.

Our services will fulfil even the biggest challenges without affecting your personal space. You can reach us worldwide with a click.

" The philosopy of World Wide VIP is to offer a wide selection of exclusive services to a small selection of exclusive people. Anything, anytime and anywhere - as simple as that. "

-P. Grantcharov, CEO

Short Overview


We offer unlimited, unrestricted and personal services for our clients. Your personal consilieri is just one phonecall away, no matter where you are.

Invite Only

Our "Invite Only" policy assures you the quality, flexibility and time you deserve as our client. You are our number one priority - always and at any time.


Your personal privacy is guranteed during any service - We don't save your personal information even in our company.


Beside of our services measured to your personality we offer a wide range of standart services like flight services, limousine services, fashion services, sport services and more.


Got an invitation?


Please send us an email with your personal code received with the invitation to gain access to our members only area and our services.

Quick contact

You can always contact us if you have questions by using our contact form. Please keep in mind, that booking is availible only for members of World Wide VIP.